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We develop identification systems through the supply of labels, ribbons, printers and dedicated software according to the needs of each Customer. We follow the Standards established by each segment to meet both product and customer requirements. Our scope is not limited to the domestic market - we also operate in Mercosur, offering all our innovative solutions.

About Us



For us, labels are an integral part of our Customer’s end products. It is through the labels that we can assure quality, traceability, and identification of the products.


Ribbons, combined with Thermal Transfer technology, are used for varial data printing, barcode on labels, cartons, identification tags or directly on the packages.

Automation Equipment

Systemic automation with the use of bar codes has brought new dynamics to the process of collection and identification of data, products, packaging, and stages of the production process. Agility and data standardization ensure product and packaging traceability.

Dedicated Softwares

We develop Software dedicated to formatting the printed layout and control of variable data, according to the specific requirements of each Customer. Contact us for more information.
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Technical Support

We have specialized technicians and customized tools to meet distinct demands in terms of configuration, installation, calibration and maintenance of automation equipment (printers, rewinders and label dispensers).


Our commercial technical team is at the disposal of our Customers to provide guidance and suggestions on systems, automation projects and data collection, by specifying equipment, software, and supplies appropriate to their allocation needs.

Free Lease Agreements

We make available to our Customers the modality of Free Leasing of the automation equipment associated with the supply of Labels and Ribbons for a minimum period of 12 months.

Items only marketed

Definition of items only marketed and determination of strategies for the treatment of these items out of the scope of certification, as well as information to the customers about such items, while ensuring acknowledgement and compliance with the applied treatment.

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The high-quality standard of our products allows us to operate in several segments.


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